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This Is The Most Sensitive Place To Kiss Your Partner, The More Passion

 Foreplay can be considerably more fun and enticing when engaging in core activities with your spouse. Your lover might become wildly excited by this. Start by kissing him in a few of his vulnerable spots.

He will become more irritated and cling to you if you kiss him in a vulnerable spot. Here are some of the most delicate male areas where you should kiss your lover if you're still unclear about the sensitive points.

1. The ears and back

While giving her a kiss along the ear, whisper to her what you intend to do. Don't get upset with yourself for calling him names. In addition to the auricles, there are other sensitive areas behind the ears. You'll hear him groaning for sure.

2. The kneecap's posterior

Even though the back of the knee does not appear to be an erogenous zone, it is rich with nerve endings that can arouse a man's passion with just a few brief kisses.

3. Lower abdomen

One of the most peaceful places you can explore with your lips is between her navel and her waist. This can make him steamy while allowing you to enjoy his fantastic physique.

4. The hips

One of the more delicate regions for some guys is the hipbone. If you want to find out if your partner's hips are the most sensitive area, try licking, kissing, or even biting them. After, you can descend even further to his.

5. Gently kiss her neck

According to a RedBook survey that excluded genuine members, 29% of men rated their neck as the most delicate location. Move to his neck as you continue to kiss him. You might give him a soft kiss or give him a hickey to make yourself sexier.

6. Kiss her all over her face

Along with being romantic for couples, soft kisses around the face are also sufficient to arouse him. However, avoid using or licking your tongue.

7. His testicles are also very sensitive and kiss the tip of his penis

Although a man does not find the testicles to be particularly appealing, they are just as sensitive as the penis. You can show him some love before having sex or a blowout with him. It will instantaneously switch on as a result. Try kissing the head or tip of his penis instead of the testicles to make him scream. If he loses it and charges at you right away, don't be shocked.

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