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6 Thrilling and Funny Action Comedy Movies to Accompany Your Vacation

 It doesn't feel like it's already the end of the year here, Due to the pandemic, almost all vacation plans out of town have been canceledBut there's no need to be sad; you can have an interesting year-end holiday even if it's just at home. These 10 recommendations for the best funny and thrilling action comedy films are perfect for accompanying you on your year-end holidays!

1 . Thor: Ragnarok

 from Marvel Studio are known for their tense action scenes. But not only that, in this film, you will see a superhero like a comedian. The director, Taika Waititi, who has a creative sense of humor, will raise your mood with tickling jokes as well as tense scenes.

2 . Deadpool

Without a doubt, 
Deadpool is a film that will always make you laugh. The main character, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), often displays Deadpool's jokes and gestures that provoke laughter. Even though you are made to laugh throughout the film, you will also be made tense by the fight scenes. Some scenes are a bit sadistic. But that's the character of Deadpool.

3 . Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Another action comedy
 film is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. This film is a modern edition of the previous film made popular by Robin Williams. Starring The Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black, this film has succeeded in making you laugh out loud. Starting from the dialogue, expressions to the actors' gestures, especially Jack Black's acting. You will be tense with the action of jumping here and there and racing in cars with scary creatures.

4 . The Heat

The film, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, tells the story of an FBI agent who must uncover a drug mafia movement. These two FBI agents have different characters, but that's what's interesting and makes us laugh with their hilarious duet. Both are described as women who have idealism. However, the idealism that they adhere to actually makes them friendless.

5 . Johnny English Strikes Again

Who knows Rowan Atkinson? Yep, he is Mr. Bean. In this film, we will see the acting of Rowan Atkinson with long dialogues. This latest sequel from Johnny English tells the story of English's (Rowan Atkinson) returns from his hiatus as a secret agent. He became one of the remaining secret agents after a cyber attack revealed the identities of most secret agents. English, who is technologically illiterate, must try and make his mind up to complete a secret mission. Several sitcom scenes adapted from the film Mr. Bean will invite your laughter.

6 . Extreme Job

Extreme Job tells the story of a number of detectives assigned to supervise the movements of a drug lord. They disguised themselves as a crispy chicken vendor across from the building where they were conducting surveillance. However, the chicken they sell is actually selling well in the market, so the detectives are busy selling and forget the main mission of their disguise.

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