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Suga BTS held a solo concert

BTS's leader, RM, recently thanked Suga for his fellow member's decision to go on a solo concert tour. To promote with RM, Suga, who just made a comeback as Agust D with the album "D-DAY" and the title track "Haegeum," welcomed fans on his own YouTube channel "Suchwita."

Suga discussed his concerns about his upcoming concert tour and his sense of duty throughout the interview. RM reassured him that he would perform well. The two then admitted that neither member of BTS had ever gone on a solo tour before, but Suga is looking forward to doing so and may be able to offer some guidance in the future.

"I'm simultaneously anxious and enthusiastic. Suga stated, "And I'm just enjoying it. "RM appreciated Suga for undertaking a solo tour because he knows how difficult it is to represent BTS without the other members. "Thank you very much for doing this. It is both a blessing and a challenge that you represent the squad on a solo tour, stated RM.

The group's previous tour, "Map of the Soul," was postponed due to COVID-19, and as a result, they performed several shows in the US with "PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE" but nothing else, according to RM. He said that we visited the US a few times after the global tour that we had planned before the pandemic was postponed, but otherwise did nothing.

With Jin and J-Hope both actively enlisting, the members are now beginning to complete their required military service with the hope that all members will return in 2025. RM believes that the solo endeavors of the members, particularly Suga's tour, will advance ARMY. I can hold off till then. "However, if you meet the Army immediately, it will encourage them to wait for us. Making films and releasing albums is also beneficial, but nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. As a member, I am really appreciative of what you do in this regard.

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